Timbre Technology

World leader in hi-fidelity audio technologies and safe listening.

Patented Hi-Fidelity Bone Conduction Technology

Timbre created an entirely new listening experience that transforms HD Digital Audio into bone conducted vibrations that bypass the eardrum and go directly to the auditory nerve.

Safe Listening Hearing Solutions

Timbre is committed to developing new products and technology that protect against hearing loss.

Voice Capture Technology

Keep families connected and improve the quality of life of millions of hearing impaired persons world wide.

Advanced Assisted Listening Technology

Technology that until now required skull implantation surgery and expensive hearing aids.

Patent Pending Skin Conduction Technology

Timbre's new revolutionary communication method and most significant advance in microphone technology.

4D™ Binaural Audio Sound

Next generation 4D spacial audio for gaming and virtual reality systems.

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World Leader in hi-fidelity audio technologies and safe listening.

Vonia Bone Conduction Headset

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Bluetooth Personal Hearing Amplifier/Transmitter

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Vonia PRO-Series EZ5000M Bone Conduction Headset

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Wireless Bone Conduction Hearing Solution

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Teach Your Kids Safe Listening to Prevent Irreversible Hearing Loss

Timbre Technology

Does your child like to turn up the volume on their earbuds or headphones when listening to their favorite music? Audiologists are seeing the impacts of personal technology devices misused by children and teenagers and rank it as their top tech-related concern. They urge parents to teach safe listening to prevent irreversible and lifelong hearing loss.

Bone Conduction Audio

Timbre Technology

The Bone Conduction Transducer converts electric signals into mechanical vibrations which transmits sound. Converted vibration signals go through the temple of a person's head and stimulates the auditory nerve. This process allows sounds to bypass the eardrum.

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